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May 26

May 26, 2015

My Inevitable and Utterly Redundant John Scalzi Multi-Million-Dollar Deal Hot Take

I arrived home late Sunday night from a gathering at which some pretty decent smoked pulled pork was served to discover a noticeable theme in my Twitter timeline. Everyone I follow was abuzz over the same news item. I also had several DM’s and text messages awaiting me from folks who were sending me the same link. You’ve all no doubt heard about and/or read the announcement by now. SFF author John Scalzi has signed a very sizable ten-year deal…


May 18

May 18, 2015

Try harder. Do better.

So, here we are again. And it seems most of us, myself included, haven’t learned a damn thing. My, but that purely does suck. You know, initially I dismissed writing this. I really did. I read a number of tweets last night, many of them by folks I admire and respect quite a bit, who’ve stopped watching or never watched Game of Thrones. Upon hearing of the truly awful and unnecessary rape scene that ended last night’s new episode, the…


May 7

May 7, 2015

Essay Hiatus, Collected Rants, & Brazilian Persevs

April was a noticeably poor month for essays ’round these parts. In fact, many of you have noted I didn’t write or publish ANY new essays in April. While I have been podcasting weekly with Mur Lafferty as the Ditch Diggers (and if you haven’t yet checked out the show, you really should. Kameron Hurley describes it as, “the Business of Writing podcast the industry seriously needed.” And we just did our 10th episode with best-selling author Gail Carriger. It’s dynamite),…