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Short Bio:
Matt Wallace is a Hugo Award winner and the author of Rencor: Life in Grudge City, the Sin du Jour series, the Savage Rebellion series, and BUMP. He’s also penned over one hundred short stories in addition to writing for film, television, and video games. In his youth he traveled the world as a professional wrestler, as well as an unarmed combat and self-defense instructor, before retiring to write full-time. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Nikki.

Standard Bio:
Matt Wallace is a retired professional wrestler and the author of the Sin du Jour novella series ( Publishing), the Savage Rebellion series (Saga Press), and BUMP (Katherine Tegen Books). In 2018, alongside co-host Mur Lafferty, he took home the Hugo Award for their podcast, Ditch Diggers. In addition to writing for several television series, Matt has also done extensive narrative work on video game titles for publishers such as inXile Entertainment. He currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife, Nikki, and maintains a steady Twitter presence @MattFnWallace, as well as a more sporadic presence on YouTube with his channel, Angry Writer.

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BUMP: AmazonBookshopBarnes & NobleIndieboundAudible
Savage Legion: AmazonBarnes & NobleBAMIndiebound
Savage Bounty: AmazonBarnes & NobleBAMBookshopIndieBound
Envy of Angels: A Sin du Jour Affair (Book One): AmazonBarnes & NobleBAMIndiebound
Lustlocked: A Sin du Jour Affair (Book Two): AmazonBarnes & NobleBAMIndiebound
Pride’s Spell: A Sin du Jour Affair (Book Three): AmazonBarnes & NobleBAMIndiebound
Idle Ingredients: A Sin du Jour Affair (Book Four): AmazonBarnes & NobleBAMIndiebound
Greedy Pigs: A Sin du Jour Affair (Book Five): AmazonBarnes & NobleBAMIndiebound
Gluttony Bay: A Sin du Jour Affair (Book Six): AmazonBarnes & NobleBAMIndiebound
Taste of Wrath: A Sin du Jour Affair (Book Seven): AmazonBarnes & NobleBAMIndiebound
“Small Wars” – A Sin du Jour Short Story: AmazonBarnes & Noble
RENCOR: LIFE IN GRUDGE CITY: AmazonBarnes & NobleBAMIndiebound

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