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We’re back, folks.

Campbell Award-winning author Mur Lafferty and Knott’s Berry Farm Ghosts of the Old West 12-and-Under Short Story Contest-winning author Matt Wallace have returned for a new episode of Ditch Diggers, the podcast about writing as a job.

This is, no bullshit, one of my favorite episodes we’ve done thus far. “It’s okay to suck” is the mantra on which Mur built her flagship podcast, I Should Be Writing, over the last decade. Now it’s time to talk about when it’s NOT okay to suck, professional standards, and how to hold yourself to them. We also take questions from Twitter, which prompts one of my proudest rant-related moments, about compromise as a necessary skill for working writers.

Finally, Mur has an interview recorded live as Boskone with authorĀ Ken Liu, a true ditch digger. Ken talks frankly about his seven-year dry spell during which he didn’t sell a single story and what caused it. Ken is now one of the most recognized authors of short fiction in SFF, and his debut novel, The Grace of Kings, just came out in April. It’s a great interview with great perspective.

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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, cis and non, writers of all stripes and creeds, the fourth–FOURTH–episode of Ditch Diggers is now live!

If you’re new to things that are awesome, Ditch Diggers is the new(ish), inexplicably and overwhelmingly popular podcast Mur Lafferty and I host which deals specifically with writing as a job.

In this episode Mur and I talk about how time elapses differently in publishing than in any other construct, the terminology of time in publishing, and waiting, waiting, waiting. We also talk about the SFWA’s move to allow author-published and small press folk into its fold. Finally, we take YOUR Twitter questions about professional scribbling.

Also, I was still coming off a brief plague I endured. And you can hear it. Sorry.

You can use this feed link to subscribe to Ditch Diggers exclusively, and we are (read: Mur is) working on a DD website that will feature, among other things, all the wonderful memes you folks have been creating and sending us based on the show.

There’s also talk of a logo and a theme song.

Shit is getting real.

And now some random quotes from the new episode!

“Milton’s dead and I’m alive, so I win by default. FUCK YOU, MILTON!”

“You ever seen the Swamp of Sadness scene in Neverending Story? You’re the horse. That’s you without our podcast.”

“I’m not apologizing to you, asshole, I’m apologizing to the people who sent us questions.”

“Either dragon-up and say the dick thing, or shut the fuck up. Don’t hurl your passive-aggressive smiley face at me.”