JULY 20th–The highly anticipated sequel to Matt’s debut epic fantasy novel, SAVAGE LEGION, is out today from Saga Press and Gallery Books everywhere you buy books! SAVAGE BOUNTY continues the stories of Evie, Lexi, Dyeawan, and Taru as they are all pulled deeper into their own corners of the lethal lie that is the empire of Crache. The second book in Matt’s Savage Rebellion Trilogy has already received glowing reviews from Publishers Weekly, FIYAH Literary Magazine, and a star from Library Journal!

SAVAGE BOUNTY is also available as a wonderful audiobook from the good folks at Simon Audio, again narrated fantastically by Lameece Issaq, and which can be purchased through Audible and Google Play, as well as which will support independent bookstores (which Matt always encourages)!

Matt thanks everyone for their support, and asks that you please signal boost the release on your social media channels, as well as leave reviews for his books places like Amazon and Goodreads. All of these things really help!

The Savage Rebellion Trilogy will conclude next year with the final book, SAVAGE CROWNS.