Savage Legion

Matt Wallace makes his epic fantasy debut with SAVAGE LEGION, the first novel in his forthcoming Savage Rebellion series from Saga Press. Described as “a full-frontal assault on the genre’s worst instincts,” SAVAGE LEGION is a sprawling, blood-soaked examination of Empire and its cost. 

“Cunning plotting and brisk action elevate this impressive tale of swords and super-science.”
– Publishers Weekly, starred review

“The stylish first book in the Savage Rebellion series promises that Wallace will do for epic fantasy what he did for urban fantasy with the Sin du Jour series.”
– Booklist

“It will make you think. It will challenge you to analyze the world around you.”
– FIYAH Literary Magazine

“Savage Legion is the epic fantasy the genre has been waiting for!”
— Sarah Gailey, Hugo award winning author of Magic for Liars.

“Wallace deploys an epic tag-team of smack-you-in-the-face fight sequences alongside ingenious world building in this fast-paced first round of a fantasy trilogy taking on—and taking down—the allure of empire.”
— Kate Elliot, acclaimed author of the Crown of Stars series

“Smart characters and brutal action create an intriguing story about power and the decisions made to keep it.”
– Library Journal, starred review

An epic fantasy by Hugo Award–winning author Matt Wallace about a utopian city with a dark secret…and the underdogs who will expose it, or die trying.

They call them Savages. Brutal. Efficient. Expendable.

The empire relies on them. The Savages are the greatest weapon they ever developed. Culled from the streets of their cities, they take the ones no one will miss and throw them, by the thousands, at the empire’s enemies. If they live, they fight again. If they die, there are always more to take their place.

Evie is not a Savage. She’s a warrior with a mission: to find the man she once loved, the man who holds the key to exposing the secret of the Savage Legion and ending the mass conscription of the empire’s poor and wretched.

But to find him, she must become one of them, to be marked in her blood, to fight in their wars, and to find her purpose. Evie will die a Savage if she has to, but not before showing the world who she really is and what the Savage Legion can really do.

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