The Ditch Diggers are back, folks! A new episode of Mur Lafferty’s and my writing-as-a-job podcast has just released its 17th episode, titled “Blisters!”

But first, if you missed it, you absolutely positively MUST check out our last episode of Ditch Diggers, episode 16, which was recorded live at Worldcon in Spokane and featured authors Kate Elliott, Linda Nagata, Aliette de Bodard, and Fonda Lee teaming up to take on Mur’s and my customized publishing industry version of a D&D-style roleplaying game.

Once you’re all caught-up (you’re welcome), you’re ready to tackle episode 17 which has just dropped! Mur and I are both back home and back to business as usual. We both find ourselves slammed with multiple projects and multiple deadlines, and we talk about how we’re dealing with our schedules and prioritizing to meet all of those obligations while not missing out on our lives for the sake of our jobs (writing).

We also take questions from email and Twitter, Mur recommends some great books on story structure, and we discuss the professional value of an MFA degree.

Finally, Mur and I are having a little contest to win some free copies of my new book ENVY OF ANGELS dropping next week, October 20th. Simply email mightymur AT and answer this question: “What are you doing *besides writing* to advance your writing career?” The most proactive answer we dig the most will win a free copy of the book!

I hope y’all dig the episode. Next time on Ditch Diggers we’ve got none other than epic comic book writer Kelly Sue DeConnick as our guest host! We recorded with Kelly Sue last week and it’s an amazing episode. We covered so much great professional ground for creators of all stripes. You’re going to learn a lot, and have a damn good time. Kelly Sue is a remarkable, entertaining person.

For now, click here to listen to episode 17, “Blisters!”

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