Hey, folks. The fifth episode of Ditch Diggers is live! Go! Listen! Learn!

Briefly, for the uninitiated: Campbell-winning author Mur Lafferty and I co-host a new podcast that is about writing as a job. It’s not a show about the craft or pursuit of writing and story, it’s about being a professional writer attempting to earn money and make a living. And it is NOT sanctioned by or affiliated with Morgan Freeman in any way.

You’ll notice I’m linking you to the fancy new DD homepage, created by Mur. It includes bios, a FAQ with contact info, and of course all of the high-larious memes folks have been creating based on the show.

So, enjoy that.

In this episode Mur and I tell the stories of our very first book sales *and* our last (read: most recent. Hopefully) book sales. We talk about the circumstances that led up to each, advances, compare and contrast them, all that jazz. Hopefully those of you chasing your first book sale will take something from it.

Also, as a fantastic, nay, phantasmagorical bonus, Mur interviews SFF powerhouse and author of the recently released blockbuster novel Karen Memory, Elizabeth Bear! I’m not included in the interview because Mur doesn’t allow me to talk to people. And rightly so. Ms. Bear talks about how to quit writing the RIGHT way. Seriously. It’s a very DD interview, despite my absence.

Check it out. Enjoy. Learn. Tell a friend.

Also, in coming weeks I’m pleased to tell you Ditch Diggers will be featuring further interviews with the likes of Ken Liu and Brianna Wu!

Dig it.

And now some random quotes from the episode!

“There’s self-deprecating and then there’s self-loathing.”

“I want all of our listeners to know both they and I are an afterthought in Mur’s life.”

“I earned the FUCK out of that advance, I’ll tell you that right now.”