Hey, folks. Some of you are, of course, vastly familiar with and probably sick of hearing about SLINGERS, the epic five-part digital novella series I released over the course of 2014.

Others, however, have yet to get hip to the series.

While many others still are new to the party entirely and have never even heard of the series.

So, for those folks, I’m doing something I’ve never done before. I have bundled ALL FIVE volumes of the series and am selling the entire whack for just $4.00, which is 50% off the cost of all of these ebooks when you buy direct.

I just…I can’t even…I can’t possibly make it easier for you all to pick up these books and read this story.

I can’t.

It’s not possible.

So, please, click here and check out this first time ever limited offer. Buy some ebooks I love dearly and into which I purely did put a lot of sleepless nights, blood, sweat, and tears.

I promise, I will entertain you.

Thanks, and if you’re not in the market right now or you’ve already purchased the series, please, please, please do me a favor and spread the word to others about this deal.