One week from today I’ll be boarding a plane alongside my luminous fiancĂ©e, Nikki, and the pair of us will be flying to Kansas City for The 74th WorldCon, taking place during MidAmeriCon II. I’ll be appearing on and even moderating a few panels, and (naturally) shilling the various books I have out right now.

The big ticket item is, of course, the second annual Ditch Diggers Live! Thursday evening, 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., my intrepid co-host Mur Lafferty and I will be recording a live episode of our almost-award-nominated writing-as-a-job podcast with many special guests and surprises. At last year’s WorldCon in Spokane we tore the f’n house down with DD Live! and we plan on doing it again this year, so I hope y’all will come out and fill the room for it.

So, yeah. The rest of the time I’ll be at the bar. You know. The Bar. If you’re coming to Kansas City I’ll see ya there.

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