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Jun 8

June 8, 2015

Dig me in speculative thought magazine Vex Mosaic!

Hey, folks. I’ve had a new essay published by Vex Mosaic, the magazine of speculative thought. Vex was founded by Dave Robison of The Roundtable Podcast, who also narrated by short story “Sundae” for Podcastle. It remains one of the finest, most moving readings of one of my stories to-date, so when Dave hit me up about contributing to “The Vex” I was all about it. My essay, “Fuck Flying Cars: On Futurism in Fiction” is exactly what it sounds…


May 7

May 7, 2015

Essay Hiatus, Collected Rants, & Brazilian Persevs

April was a noticeably poor month for essays ’round these parts. In fact, many of you have noted I didn’t write or publish ANY new essays in April. While I have been podcasting weekly with Mur Lafferty as the Ditch Diggers (and if you haven’t yet checked out the show, you really should. Kameron Hurley describes it as, “the Business of Writing podcast the industry seriously needed.” And we just did our 10th episode with best-selling author Gail Carriger. It’s dynamite),…


Feb 10

February 10, 2015

We’re Still Here (Except for Those of Us Who Aren’t) [REDUX]

[NOTE: The following was written and posted on December 31st, 2014. If you’ve read about the unfortunate rebooting of the site you know this post, along with many others, was irretrievably lost to me. Thanks to a kind and diligent reader named Cameron Rowe, however, who was so moved by the following he took the time to pull it from his catcher in pure text form and send it to me, I’m able to repost it now. Thanks, Cameron.] The…