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Hey, folks. I’m going to keep this short and to the point.

Brand Gamblin is known to many of you. He’s a podcaster and author of some considerable talent. He created the truly delightful Calls for Cthulhu podcast and has written novels like Tumbler, Discount Miracles, and The Hidden Institute (which features the fictional sport of bear polo, for my money a better fake game than quidditch).

Brand is also part of the team I assembled a couple of years ago to create my author-published ebooks. He’s responsible for the spotless formatting and ebook conversion of the entire Slingers series as well as my novel The Failed Cities.

I couldn’t do without him.

He’s also just generally a very good person, which is rarer than it should be. He’s helped me when I needed it, just as I will always try to help him.

Brand and his family have hit a run of extremely shitty luck and unfortunate events recently and have run out of relief options that don’t involve your help. They’ve had to deal with deadbeat renters, serious accidents, and tragically money-sucking identity theft among other things. As a result they’re staring down a stony, shaky barrel and they need financial help to get through it.

Brand has established a Go Fund Me which explains their situation in greater detail. If the internet has ruined your attention span I’ll save you the reading: Skip your fucking afternoon Starbucks latte tomorrow and just toss a few bucks in the Go Fund Me to help them out. They’re good people. They’re asking and so am I.

If you’ve enjoyed my work or Brand’s over the years it’d be a fine way to show it.

And if you don’t have the few bucks to spare, it’s always free to signal boost this on your chosen social media or blog or website or whatever. And that helps, too.

That’s all. Thanks.