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Hey, folks. Campbell Award winning author Mur Lafferty and I  are back again for a new episode of your favorite podcast about writing as a job. We call it Ditch Diggers.

In this episode Mur and I talk about us both being mentioned in Entertainment Weekly in the same week for totally unrelated reasons (they talked about Mur’s Twitter creation #Sansaball and I was credited as “other industry source”). We also briefly touch on Morgan Freeman’s penchant for multi-lingual versions of Uno before moving on to our main topic of conversation: conventions. We’re talking about the practical value, if any, of attending conventions for working writers. Mur goes to cons all the time and digs them. I haven’t been to a con since 2010 and loathe them. We go at it. It’s a good time.

In the main event, Mur interviews the incomparable Brianna Wu live at Boskone! I was not able to be there, because again, I hate cons, but it’s a fantastic interview. It’s also about Brianna’s work, which is fascinating, rather than about the thousands of goobers who’ve made her on-line and real-life hell recently. It’s a great bit of business and wholly worth checking out and I’m honored to have her on the podcast.

And now random quotes from this week’s new episode!

“A good day is any day Morgan Freeman *doesn’t* gift you a copy of his self-published autobiography.”

“Matt Fucking Wallace don’t play Uno!”

“You can get a rep real fast at a con, and with the internet now that shit spreads like herpes.”