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Hey, folks. It was a big weekend for me and for my forthcoming book, ENVY OF ANGELS, the beginning of my new Sin du Jour series with Publishing. Most of that involved Worldcon (which again, we’ll talk about later), but one immensely excellent thing actually had nothing to do with the con itself.

On Saturday my editor Lee Harris tweeted the link to Publishers Weekly’s review of ENVY OF ANGELS, and I couldn’t be more pleased. They loved it, and more importantly, they got it. The humor, the satire, the commentary, the ending. Everything I was trying to do with the book and with the series came across, and that’s extremely gratifying and also an extreme relief. Thus far only beta readers, other authors who gave me blurbs, and folks at the publisher had reported on the book. I was waiting to see what a reviewer in a market like PW would do once they got their hands on it.

Achievement unlocked.

Click here to read Publishers Weekly’s full review.

This is my first review in Publishers Weekly, and for it to be so positive about a book and a series I’m so hopeful for made my fucking weekend, to say the least.

You can still pre-order ENVY OF ANGELS in both ebook (for the Kindle and the Nook) and in gorgeous paperback, the ARC of which I also got my hands on for the first time at Worldcon, and it is immense.

My thanks to Publishers Weekly, and my continued thanks to Irene Gallo, Lee Harris, and the whole Publishing team.