Viewing: sex robots

Campbell Award-winning author Mur Lafferty and Knott’s Berry Farm’s Ghosts of the Old West Elementary School Short Story Contest-winning author Matt Wallace are back at it again, folks! We’ve got a brand new installment of our writing-as-a-job podcast for you, and it’s about when NOT to crowdfund and/or self-publish your work.

We also field questions from Twitter about writing schedules, how to balance your writing business admin with your actual writing, and using email lists, newsletters, and book blast services to promote your work. Somewhere along the way Mur and I get sidetracked by a discussion about the porta-potty industry, which leads to me creating a television series about a New England porta-potty dynasty called SHITLORDS.

We just do us, folks. We just do us.

A lot of good stuff coming in future episodes. Next week Mur and I are welcoming best-selling author and Victorian/steampunk fashionista Gail Carriger onto the show. Mur also has more interviews she recorded live at Boskone. It’s almost like we’re a real podcast or something.

And now some random quotes from this week’s episode!

“They reject a whole lot of shit that SHOULD be rejected.”

“I do it with experience.”

“I am the liberator of sex robots!”