Big news from the world of mainstream publishing today, folks, and for the first time in a long time I find myself playing a part in it.

This morning announced the inaugural list of their new novella line. Launching in September of 2015, will be publishing up to five novella-length books a month. They will all be available in print, ebook, AND audiobook form simultaneously. It’s a bold, innovative move for an arm of one of the biggest publishers on the planet, and one that got me excited about mainstream publishing again.

Today they’ve announced six titles and over a dozen authors with more to follow, including powerhouses, Hugo winners, and personal favorites like Seanan Mcguire, Mary Robinette Kowal, Paul Cornell, and Michael R. Underwood.

And if you read down a bit somehow my name snuck onto the end of the list.

That’s just the teaser.

I’m pleased to finally announce I’ve signed a two-book deal with’s innovative new novella project. That’s right, they’ve bought the first two books in a new SERIES of novellas I’m writing, the debut of which will probably drop later this year. If you follow me on Twitter you’ve read vague hints about the series and the writing of it for months now. I promised it would be even bigger than last year’s Slingers Saga, and I hope you agree I’m thus far delivering.

And now you know who will be bringing it to you and how.

Sadly, beyond telling you it’s my first urban fantasy fiction ever, I won’t be going into further detail just now. and I have bigger plans than that for unveiling to you exactly what this thing is.

I promise, just like I did before, it will be worth the wait.

But I am jazzed to finally announce I’m doing it with and its fine staff, including senior editor Lee Harris, whom I’d like to single out and thank for bringing me to the imprint and being open to this wild idea I had. I also owe a debt of thanks to the luminous Alasdair Stuart and Marguerite Kenner.

As most of you reading this know I spent all of last year author-publishing my own serialized SFF novella series (the aforementioned SLINGERS). Novellas are a form that I absolutely love with a long and grand tradition in SFF, and I was obviously excited to see mainstream publishing finally embracing the possibilities digital publishing and marketing bring to this longstanding but largely forgotten book format.

Because that’s what we’re doing here, folks.


These aren’t just short stories on the internet, they’re books, and it’s my hope (and obviously’s hope) that many of you who haven’t yet discover or rediscover how complete and satisfying an experience novellas-as-books can and will be.

I’ll write more about that when I write more about my new series, but for now remember this and tell your friends.

In 2015 novellas will be the new novel.


More to follow.