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Feb 27

February 27, 2015

Gender as Asymptotically Binary: A Different Way of Looking at Things

This is a rare thing for my blog. This is a post about someone else’s post. In the latest episode of Ditch Diggers, the writing-as-a-job podcast I co-host with author Mur Lafferty, we took a bunch of questions from Twitter at the end of the show like we always do. I suggested to Mur, quite gracious of me I thought, that we should make a point to credit all the Twitter users who asked us questions, something we tend to…


Feb 2

February 2, 2015

A very special DITCH DIGGERS featuring Kameron Hurley and Chuck Wendig is now live!

Late last year my longtime friend and fellow badass wordslinger Mur Lafferty and I created this new podcast thing called DITCH DIGGERS (in fairness Mur did/does most of the creating and I just kind of show up). We wanted to do a podcast, not about the craft of writing, which Mur covers just fine by herself on her long-running I SHOULD BE WRITING podcast, but about writing as a job. We recorded the first episode on the fly and kind of…


Jan 27

January 27, 2015 Rides Again! (Though Our Load Has Been Lessened Somewhat)

Welcome (belatedly) to 2015, folks. And welcome back to, which you may have noticed has been down for the past two weeks or so. You may also notice that while the site is now back on-line (minus a few features that will return soon), there is but a single post live on this blog at the moment. That post being the one you’re reading right now. It seems to have become a tradition here at that at the…